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Discover the Future of Web3 with Pallad.

Unlock the power of the world's lightest blockchain. Pallad brings top-tier engineering, user-friendly design, and open-source principles together in one platform. Take your first step into the future and experience Web3 like never before.

Unparalleled Excellence

Discover unrivaled performance and convenience with the leading Mina wallet.

Revolutionary Technology

Enjoy zero-knowledge technology, a seamless transaction experience and unparalleled security.


Join the community of users who love our intuitive and user-friendly design.

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Revolutionizing Payments and Finance with Cutting-edge Technology

We're leveraging the power of Mina blockchain to provide a secure, efficient, and seamless experience. Our wallet is designed to keep you in control of your assets uncensorable with full-node security thanks to Mina's succinct design and enriched with features crafted to ensure the ultimate convenience.

Peer-to-Peer Payments Security

With succinct design any user will be able to run a node on their desktop, or mobile phone making them a participant of the network unlike other wallets that rely on third parties for on-chain data.

Interact with zkApps

Say goodbye to difficulty interacting with zkApps, Pallad allows seamless integration with zkApps. Our incoming Mina RPC will make your zkApp DevX easier and more enjoyable.


Contribute to the network's security by staking with your favourite stake pool. Earn rewards by delegating your funds to block validators. Delegate to any pool you like.